Relational Communication for Employees: Increase Personal Effectiveness and Results

Did you know that employees who exercise their strengths on a daily basis are 8% more productive and six times more likely to be engaged? Good communication among employees and their managers, colleagues, customers and other stakeholders is essential for them to be effective in their roles and for the success of their organizations.

In the Relational Communication for Employees ℠ program, you'll learn how to use proven communication tools and Relational Presence to be more focused and efficient and build greater rapport with stakeholders. That way you’re being relational in your role and getting the most out of your work every day.

Program Outcomes

After taking this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  1. Communicate honestly, clearly and confidently in all settings

  2. Fully engage others with your words, body language and behaviors

  3. Speak spontaneously and “think on your feet”

  4. Listen attentively and respond effectively to ensure greater clarity and understanding

  5. Develop Relational Presence and nonverbal communication skills to build more trust, rapport, respect, understanding and connection with others

  6. Create strong professional relationships and collaborate more effectively with others

  7. Be more skillful and willing contributors in meetings and group environments

Program Topics

  • Engaging in open, honest, direct communication with managers, colleagues, customers and other stakeholders

  • Choosing the right words in any conversation

  • Asking the right questions

  • Listening to understand and responding effectively

  • Confirming alignment of messages and goals with others

  • Developing one’s presence as a communicator (Relational Presence)

  • Using body language and nonverbal skills to improve communication

  • Building rapport and strengthening relationships

Who It’s For

  • Employees at all levels

  • Teams

What’s Included

  • Action-focused modules

  • Interactive exercises

  • Downloadable worksheets and handouts

  • Action Plan template

  • Post-workshop group coaching session (optional) 

One of the most important things I learned in this workshop is the value of Relational Presence when communicating with others. When I’m speaking with someone, using good nonverbal skills and really listening to them will help us get things done faster and easier, and help me feel better about my relationships at work.
— T. Slater

This program is interactive, experiential and hands-on, and can be delivered onsite in one day (one eight-hour session) or two days (two four-hour sessions).

Contact us to find out if this program is right for your organization.