Upgrade Your Electronic Communication Skills

Nowadays everyone in business and work environments must be able to communicate electronically.  Technology is a vital part of how we connect and collaborate with colleagues, managers, peers, customers and other stakeholders.  Whether it’s using the phone, email or online communication platforms, people in business have to be clear and concise.

Besides clarity with one’s information and intentions when using a phone or engaging in online platform (including teleconferences and web conferences), it’s important to have a strong presence and to listen well when interacting this way.  Using email also requires the ability to digest information and respond appropriately to ensure the best outcomes.

This workshop is interactive, experiential and hands-on, and can be tailored for specific individuals, teams and organizations, based on their particular circumstances, needs and goals.  It can be delivered onsite or online in one day (one eight-hour session) or two days (two four-hour sessions).

Program Outcomes

After taking this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Speak more clearly and confidently over the phone to create greater rapport and build trust with others
  2. Listen fully and respond effectively in phone conversations and online communications
  3. Improve their interactions on teleconferences and web conferences
  4. Develop spontaneous speaking skills over the phone and online
  5. Strengthen their presence using all electronic communication platforms
  6. Improve their email communication to clarify information, goals and action steps
  7. Understand the do’s and don’ts of email

Workshop Topics

  • Engaging in open, sincere, direct communication using all electronic mediums
  • Choosing the right words while speaking and writing
  • Listening/reading to understand and responding effectively on the phone and via email
  • Asking the right questions on the phone and through email
  • Improving spontaneous speaking skills over the phone and online
  • Keeping things interactive and results-oriented over the phone and online
  • Being clear and concise when delivering information on the phone, via email and online
  • Developing one’s presence on the phone and online (Relational Presence)

Who It’s For

  • C-Level Executives
  • Senior Leaders
  • Managers at all levels
  • Employees

What’s Included

  • Action-focused modules
  • Interactive exercises
  • Downloadable worksheets and handouts
  • Action Plan template
  • Post-workshop group coaching sessions (optional)
Talking on the phone and emailing with customers is a big part of my job. After taking this workshop, I realize how much more I need to listen and ask good questions when I’m on the phone, and how much more concise and clear I need to be with my words when I’m writing or responding to emails. Thank you!
— J. Richardson

Workplace programs can be tailored to customer-facing staff, sales teams, managers and others within an organization based on its needs.  Participants in all workshops and programs receive real-time coaching, handouts, resources and ongoing support as appropriate.

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