Improve Your Communication Through Coaching, Training & Other Opportunities

The Speakers Studio can show you how to be a more effective speaker and communicator in all settings – from one-on-one conversations to large groups.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, The Speakers Studio offers Speaking Circles® sessions and workshops, speech and presentation coaching, training for teams and organizations, and professional speaking services.  Go to our Services page for more. 

With support from The Speakers Studio, you will learn to:

  • use verbal and non-verbal communication skills to make a bigger impact in your conversations
  • let your fears, defenses and masks disappear naturally while you speak
  • really listen to, connect with and appreciate others as they speak
  • be more effective leading meetings, doing presentations and speaking publicly
  • develop a stronger presence in all your interactions and relationships

Our work is based on a practice called “Relational Presence,” which enables people to strengthen their ability to be present and connect with others in a genuine, meaningful way.  Relational Presence is about “being with” people in a conversation or group environment, which allows others to relate to you better and helps you develop a stronger connection with them.

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About Eric Atwood

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Eric, founder of The Speakers Studio, brings more than 20 years experience to his work.  His professional career has included speech and presentation coaching, executive coaching, training, consulting, marketing communications and corporate communications.

He is a certified Speaking Circles facilitator who has been involved with this work since 2007.  He has a passion for language, both written and spoken, and is committed to helping people express themselves effectively in all their interactions.

Among his roles previous to founding The Speakers Studio were Director of Communications & Client Services at a leadership consultancy; Director of Marketing & Sales at a nutritional supplement and health product distributor; Communications Manager at a law firm, city council and district health board; and Public Relations Manager at a business printing and technology company.

Eric has a Speaking Circles Facilitator certificate from Speaking Circles International®; a Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner certificate from The Empowerment Partnership®; a Marketing Communications certificate from San Jose State University; an Advertising Copywriting certificate from Portfolio Center; and a B.A. in English from the University of California, Riverside.

He has lived in seven countries and traveled to more than 50, bringing a deep understanding and appreciation of people and cultures to his work and his life.  He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Eric is also the author of the book New Thinking New Being: Moving From “The Daily Grind” to a More Meaningful, Deeply Fulfilling Life, available on Amazon. [link to Eric’s book page on Amazon]

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