Experience Ease and Joy Speaking in Groups

This was a very empowering experience that I would recommend to anyone. Not only people who want to improve their speaking, but anyone who wants to improve their relationships. It was wonderful to be reminded of the connection we all have and want to experience in others. I feel much freer, lighter and open hearted. Thank you for this beautiful gift.
— A. Northrup

Speaking Circles® are small, supportive groups (6-10 people) where each person speaks briefly in front of others using the practice of Relational Presence (“being with” people as you speak).  

Circles also offer people the opportunity to listen to and fully appreciate others as they speak.  Participants usually take two turns up front, of different lengths depending on the number of people.

We offer public Speaking Circles in various locations in the Atlanta area, as well as private Circles in organizations as a way to help employees, managers and others communicate more effectively, develop stronger relationships and create better collaboration in the workplace. 

Upcoming Speaking Circles

Participants learn how to speak more confidently, listen more attentively and be more present in their interactions with colleagues, employees, managers, customers and other stakeholders.

Participants receive real-time coaching, personal videos and other support in these Speaking Circles.  Each session lasts 2 ½ to three hours, depending on the group size. 

Upcoming One-Day Workshops

Activities can be tailored to specific organizational needs and can be delivered in multiple-session packages.  Organizations are responsible for recruiting their own participants. 


People generally go to Speaking Circles to help them overcome the fear of public speaking (the #1 human fear) and to be more confident and effective speaking in groups. 

The goal of Speaking Circles is to help people develop the capacity to be fully present and comfortable speaking in groups and one-on-one conversations.

We also offer full-day workshops using Speaking Circles practices.  These workshops take participants through simple practices showing them how to effectively speak and engage others in any setting, how to listen more adeptly, how to develop and deliver public talks and presentations, and how to apply the Relational Presence technique in a work or business environment.

If you have any questions about Speaking Circles or our workshops, please feel free to contact us through our online form or by calling us at 770.365.7447.