Hire a Dynamic Speaker for Events of All Kinds

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Eric Atwood, founder of The Speakers Studio, speaks publicly to audiences of all sizes.  He has delivered keynotes, presentations, and talks at conferences, seminars, and events worldwide, tailoring the content to the audience’s needs, goals, and interests.

He offers practical yet powerful ways people can interact more effectively with anyone in any setting.  He also shows people how to change their perspective as a way to discover new possibilities in their lives, how to tap into their full potential and how to fully contribute their gifts to the world.

Eric speaks on the following topics:

  • How to use Relational Presence and non-verbal communication to create stronger connection with people

  • How to speak from the heart instead of the head as a way to influence others

  • How to shift your unhealthy beliefs and perspectives to get more out of life

  • How our subconscious mind dictates our behaviors and how to use our conscious mind to create new possibilities

As the keynote speaker at our latest event, Eric spoke about the merits of Relational Presence, and how it can benefit people in both their personal and professional lives. His talk was not only intriguing and dynamic; it provided a genuine learning experience for our audience. They received practical tools that they can use to improve their interactions and build stronger relationships. Immensely valuable.
— K. Newfield