Gain Tools to be More Successful in the Workplace

The Speakers Studio offers training and workshops tailored for employees and managers in organizations and focused on communication and engagement, management and team building, and meetings and presentations. 

From how to influence others, to how to manage relationships, to how to lead and participate in meetings, these workshops and programs provide specific practices and tools for participants to be more successful in their work environment.

The three main training sessions and workshops we offer are:

  • Perfect Your Communication and Engagement – learn how to communicate clearly and confidently, engage others with words and actions, listen more attentively, and maintain a powerful presence in all interactions

  • Master Your Management and Team Building – learn how to manage and build effective teams, collaborate with and influence people using verbal and non-verbal skills, and create and sustain strong relationships with stakeholders

  • Power Up Your Presentations and Meetings – learn how to develop and deliver effective presentations with confidence, lead lively meetings, and encourage meeting attendees to take action and/or get support from them

Training and workshops are one- or two-day programs that support participants to learn how to be more effective speakers and listeners in all settings.  They enable people to explore in depth the practice of Relational Presence – their natural capacity to connect with others and communicate effectively with anyone.  These sessions allow participants to work individually, in pairs and in groups.

Phenomenal workshop! Eric provided a safe environment that allowed us to tap into our inner wisdom and truth as we showed up with the group in a powerful way. I have learned new ways to communicate with people and I will be practicing these daily. I enthusiastically recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to feel more comfortable speaking and being with others.
— R. Hallerson

Workplace programs can be tailored to customer-facing staff, sales teams, managers and others within an organization based on its needs.  Participants in all workshops and programs receive real-time coaching, handouts, resources and ongoing support as appropriate.

To find out more about our services and how we can support you, please visit our Contact page.