Relational Meetings: Generate Interaction and Results Every Time

Did you know that executives consider 67% of meetings to be failures, and that more than $37 billion is spent every year on unproductive meetings? Effectively run meetings are an important barometer of success in any organization, as it can save organizations considerable time and money.

In the Relational Meetings ℠ program, you'll learn how to lead and participate in productive, efficient meetings by managing an agenda, speaking with confidence, listening attentively and using Relational Presence to be fully engaged and effective. That way your meetings are relational and achieve the best possible results.

Program Outcomes

After taking this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  1. Lead and participate in lively, engaging, interactive, results-oriented meetings

  2. Generate interactions and helpful feedback during meetings

  3. Encourage meeting attendees to take action and offer support

  4. Focus on what needs to be get done, when and who needs to do it

  5. Listen more closely to what others are saying/contributing

  6. Develop skills to speak spontaneously during meetings

  7. Strengthen your presence in group environments

program Topics

  • Developing an effective structure and agenda for a meeting

  • Keeping things interactive, engaging and results-oriented to ensure clarity of purpose

  • Being clear and concise when delivering information

  • Staying focused on the content and keeping things on track

  • Asking good questions and responding to questions effectively

  • Listening attentively when others are speaking

  • Speaking clearly and confidently in groups of all sizes

  • Having a strong presence in live groups and online environments (Relational Presence)

Who It’s For

  • C-Level Executives

  • Senior Leaders

  • Managers at all levels

  • Employees

What’s Included

  • Action-focused modules

  • Interactive exercises

  • Downloadable worksheets and handouts

  • Action Plan template

  • Post-workshop individual or group coaching sessions (optional)

As a sales manager in my company, I’ve always led weekly meetings for my teams the same way. But I sometimes feel that my team is not as engaged as they should be. I now have tools that will help me stimulate more interaction and ideas from everyone. And I have a feeling this will lead to better results for our whole team and more sales for our company.
— D. Reilly

This program is interactive, experiential and hands-on, and can be delivered onsite in one day (one eight-hour session) or two days (two four-hour sessions).

Contact us to find out if this program is right for your organization.