Speaking Authentically – Why It Matters

Speaking authentically is a vital skill that can support all areas of your life.  Wherever communication takes place, the more you can speak what you’re really feeling – speaking from the heart rather than from your head – the more effective your message will be and your ability to connect with people.

You get to choose how you think, feel and speak in every moment. If it’s honest, it will land with your listeners.  If it’s not, people will pick that up, too.  When speaking truthfully with another person or a group, you’re not trying to do anything or get anywhere with them.  You’re simply being real with them and yourself.

By speaking authentically, you open the door for true connection with others. If you’re being yourself and speaking from your heart, people will naturally connect with you.  They will want to listen to what you have to say.  And often, this invites them to speak the same way, to be real with you.  This is where true connection happens.

So in any interaction, it pays to be yourself and speak authentically.  Your listeners will appreciate this and will likely be just as open and real with you.  Speak your truth today.

What does speaking authentically look like for you?  Where and with whom could you practice doing this more?  What kind of benefits could you experience from doing this?  Please feel free to share your comments below.